R2 Aerial Incendiary Device Peristaltic Roller Change out


We have discovered that due to the lower dosing of many R2 Aerial Incendiary Devices, Raindance Purple Catalyst may not achieve a 100% ignition rate in Incendiary Capsules marked with a purple label. Due to additional additives in Purple Catalyst that improve burn performance and burn longevity, the existing dosing delivers a border line quantity of reactant. In order to address this, we have developed a new roller to replace the existing roller which increases the dosing of Purple Catalyst. If you are affected (you are using a R2 Aerial Incendiary Device and purple labelled Incendiary Capsule boxes with Purple Catalyst, or are experiencing a less than satisfactory ignition rate), please navigate to the Contact page and either use the form, email, or call us to arrange a Peristaltic Roller change out pack. These can be either sent to you, or replaced at your next annual service.

If you have misplaced installation directions, they can be found here.

Raindance Systems Team