R3 Aerial Incendiary Device

The R3 Aerial Incendiary device is the latest iteration of our innovative incendiary devices. With it brings additional enhancements designed to give you greater peace of mind and operational success.

R3 Aerial Incendiary Device comes with solid safety systems such as:

  • Shutdown – The ability to completely isolate the Glycol system from delivering – meaning safe ferrying between operations and safer choices for operators in any type of situation.
  • Reverse Switch – Now Capsule Belts can be removed entirely, effectively “unloading” the device.
  • Forward Switch – Allowing Capsule Belt to be loaded when approaching the drop zone, with no chance of an accidental firing of primed incendiaries.
  • Stop Button Redundancy – Two ‘Stop’ buttons on either side of the ‘Go’ button on Hand Controller – Suitable for left or right handedness.
  • Simplicity – after the Incendiary Capsule Belts have been loaded, operational functions (setting Drop Rates, changing to Manual mode etc.) can all be controlled from the Hand Controller.

Operational Accountably – Building on the success (and short comings) of previous data logging systems, with the assistance of Mappt we are now able to offer Firetracker, a data logging solution that utilises the power of Google Maps with a familiar track. Not only are you able to record your flight path, but also log every Incendiary Capsule drop made along that path. This data then can be exported in layers in the most popular GIS formats for record keeping and future planning. See our Firetracker page here for more information.

Delivery – With the ability to deliver 240 capsules per minute (allowing a 8m spacing at 65Kn) this is the fastest delivery method for aerial incendiary work available. Simplicity in method, extremely reliable reactions and solid firepower means ease of use in the harshest environments in the world.

Technical Specifications

  • Catalyst Tank: supplies 8000 plus Incendiary Capsules
  • Water Tank: holds 2.2Lt (0.5 gal)
  • R3 Dry Mass: 12Kg (26lbs)
  • R3 Wet Mass (installed): 22Kg (48lbs)
  • Speeds: from 6 through 240 Caps/min in increments of 6 Caps/min
  • Input voltage: 12VDC to 24VDC (with Inline Voltage Step Up)


R3 Aerial Incendiary Device Brochure