R3 Bell 206/Aerospatiale AS350 Install

AS350 + B206


With this install we have aimed at operators that need versatility. This install is suitable for both the Aerospatiale AS350 and the Bell 206 and follows our mounting mantra of simplicity and effectiveness. These two aircraft are the workhorses for most fleets, with many hours logged between them them in both aerial incendiary work for land management and hours logged for back burning and fire management work. Aircraft configuration doesn’t need to be modified, simply place the installation mount over the seat, place harness over Seat Belt Harness Support and tighten. Slip the Drop Tube Assembly over the Drop Tube Stub and secure with both pip pin and R-Clip and you’re ready to mount the R3 Aerial Incendiary Device with pip pins, ready for the next operation. Simply remove pip pins and lift off R3 Aerial Incendiary device, release the safety harness, lift off mount and your machine is ready for its next role.