R3 Cessna 210 Install



Raindance Systems Aerial Incendiary Machines are a world first with installs suitable for mounting into the utilitarian role aircraft, the Cessna 210. With excellent range and cabin space, the Cessna 210 is the perfect aircraft for extended runs with Incendiary Capsule deployment of up to 240 per minute from the R3 Aerial Incendiary Device. With cheap relative rates compared to equivalent rotatory aircraft, operations from fixed wing platforms make sense. A simple install system that utilises the existing seat track, the mount is secured and the R3 Aerial Incendiary Device mounted, Drop Tube fitted to complete the install. With amble cabin space, many Incendiary Capsule Boxes can be taken aboard for extended runs without the need to land to replenish supplies of Incendiary Capsules. A simple and cost effective means for aerial burning.


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