R3 R44 Install



Raindance Systems Aerial Incendiary devices are the only aerial incendiary devices in the world to be fitted to the Robinson R44. And why not? The Robinson R44 is the most popular light helicopter in the world, with operational cost well below any other rotatory wing in its class. Cost savings for operators mean cost savings for clients, so it makes sense to have an installation available. With our R44 install, we have made the simplest install available. Our patented ‘Tool-free Seat Install’ is exactly that, tool-free and installed onto the existing rear right seat. This install is secured by the existing seat belt harness, which is placed over the install’s Seat Belt Harness Support and tightened in the usual manner. Drop Tube extension is fitted into position and fastened by means of a pip-pin and secondary R-clip. Then it’s just a matter of placing the R3 Aerial Incendiary Device into the cradle, installing pip-pins and attaching power and controller, it really couldn’t be any easier.