R2 Aerial Incendiary Device

The R2 Aerial Incendiary Device is an earlier model of our Aerial Incendiary Devices. Of this, there were two series; the MkI and MkII. Both these systems are now out of production.

The MkI was a run of 13 devices and the first Aerial Incendiary device to be manufactured by Raindance Systems. These devices were effectively hand built and used as the platform for developing our later systems. The majority of these devices have withstood the test of time and are still in use today.

The MkII was the second generation and a production run of 30 was manufactured. These are devices are commonly used throughout Australia, South Africa, Chile and the U.S. and still very much in demand. Both these devices where limited to 85 Caps/min. Even though these devices are now out of production, they are both still supported and serviced in our Jandakot Airport Workshop. If you require servicing or parts (please bear in mind that certain parts for these machines will have to be fabricated as one-offs and as such, will incur extra cost), please contact us through the Contact page.


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