News / Events

We have moved!


Just a quick note that we have moved premise. We are still at Jandakot Airport, but we are now located at 3A Mustang Rd, in the hangar next to AeroJacks. That's around the back (follow Compass Rd all the way past HeliWest and around the next bend)...

First Robinson R66 install!


Mick from Remote Helicopters has the honour of the first R3 (or R2 for that matter) install in a Robinson R66. The new R66 is an awesome machine and makes for an excellent and economical platform from which to perform aerial burning operations, when...

It’s getting to that time again…


Time for servicing!

It's getting to that time of the year again, where we recommend you return your R3s and R2s for servicing so they are ready for the upcoming burn season. So of you have a need for upgrades, we will be contacting you shortly to...

Raindance YouTube Channel


Yes! We have a YouTube Channel. We will be continuing to add items of interest on both our products and news/events from our partners. Check it out here.

Raindance Systems is LIVE!


Raindance Systems website is now live! Things are still a little messy, but we are working our wath through to ensure you have all the information you are looking for at your disposal. Feel feel to let us know anything that you think may be...